Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of website accessibility SIX TOP PLACES IN NATIONAL HAIRDRESSING AWARDS - Sandwell College
Student showing first place certificate and trophy

Massive congratulations to our talented Hair, Beauty & Media Make-up team who won SIX top places for Sandwell College at the National Hairdressers’ Federation Championships in Blackpool!

Two first places:
Chloe-Louise Hinchley (Level 3 Production Arts) won the Photographic Award
Lauren Parsons (Level 3 Production Arts) won the It’s a Drag Award



Two second places:
Tanya Pandya (Level 3 Production Arts) It’s a Drag Award

Mariyah Ahmed (Level 3 Hairdressing) Bridal Hair Up Award


Two third places:
Vizhdana Shotarova (Level 2 Hairdressing) Glamorous Hair Up Award AND Bridal Hair Up Award


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