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Apprenticeships designed for the next workforce generation were a major inspiration at The National Apprenticeship & Education Event at Millennium Point. 

Teams from the Sandwell Family of Colleges, including Central Saint Michael’s Sixth Form College, Cadbury Sixth Form College, Fab Lab and Tomorrow’s People, joined together to showcase all 37 of their latest Apprenticeships to 2000 young people from across the Midlands.

Interactive experiences from the Dental, Automotive, Hair, Construction and Fab Lab teams combined with quizzes, competitions, career advice and educational guidance on T-Levels and tech.  

Among the activities happening on the day were: 

  • Electric vehicle demo and automotive industry opportunities  
  • Live 3D printing
  • Interview prep workshops using VR – perfect for students who have mock interviews in the next few weeks – and Beat Saber for those that wanted to try VR for the first time 
  • Doocey Group showcase and invitation to meet the employer at their upcoming Open Day on April 22  
  • Celebrity before and after dental images, and teeth cleaning mini masterclasses  
  • Hairdressing apprenticeship launch (coming in September 2023) with the head of section on hand to showcase styling tips to those who dream of working in the industry 
  • First hand advice on working in the Construction industry and latest job vacancies

If you would like to get in touch with the apprenticeships team please contact [email protected] 

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