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Sector based work academy with students at Bennett's Hil and a presenter at the front

The Open Day held at Tomorrow’s People on Monday (22nd April) attracted a massive turnout, with lots of eager participants attending. The event was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the business development team and’s Birmingham Airport team. Their combined expertise created a vibrant atmosphere, fostering a sense of optimism and excitement throughout the day for all that attended.


At the heart of this event was the innovative SWAP (Sector-Based Work Academy Programme); designed to equip participants with essential skills and experience, over a three-week period. Through a structured curriculum and hands-on training, learners gain valuable industry insights, a customer service certificate, and confidence.


Completing the SWAP programme not only enhances employability but also opens up a world of possibilities for participants, in this instance an interview to become a Customer Service Helper or Baggage Handler for at Birmingham Airport.


The success stories that have emerged from the SWAP programmes run by Sandwell College are truly inspiring. Participants have carved their path to success, unlocking promising career opportunities at a wide range of employers including the NHS and West Midlands Fire Service.


The Open Day at Tomorrow’s People was undeniably a resounding success, providing aspiring candidates with a gateway to a bright future at Birmingham Airport. The collaborative efforts of the business development team, as well as the Birmingham Airport team, have created a rewarding platform through the SWAP programme. This initiative not only empowers individuals but also nurtures their personal growth. We will look forward to following the success stories of this cohort.


If you’re looking to embark on an exciting career, explore the opportunities offered through SWAP programmes at Sandwell College. Email [email protected] to find out more.

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