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Origami wire dress created by student

Talented art and photography students from Sandwell College will be showcasing impressive work from their final projects at an end-of-year exhibition.
The show, which opens today (Monday June 8) is a diverse mix of creative work including traditional and digital photography landscapes, portraits, documentary and impressionistic shots.

Artwork collections feature a sculptural dress made of origami to inspire people to donate to cancer research charities, and the ‘Marble’ entrance dome skylight in the college’s former Smethwick campus. Abstract sculpture pieces have been inspired by medical experimentation, portraits and heartfelt work.

Head of creative industries and performing arts, Angela Tombs, said: “Our students are taught technical, aesthetic and theoretical aspects of art, photography, media and fashion. “Many of them will use their talents in the future to go to university or work in the creative industries. We want people to come along and be amazed and inspired by what our young people can do.”

The Artshow collection will be on display in the atrium at Central Campus and in Central Sixth’s ground floor gallery space, Sandwell Arts Café, until Friday June 19.

– Art & Design student Zoe prepares for the artshow

Preparing for artshow 2015

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