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We all know about that vicious cycle that gets in the way of our route to career success. Can’t get a job without previous experience but can’t get experience without having a job. So frustrating!


So just what are we meant to do? Is there a way around the problem, and how do we ever end up in our dream role? Where do we start?


Well, there just might be an ideal answer for you, and it involves an actual job with swift career progression and positive prospects.


What’s the catch then, you say? Honestly, there’s no catch, only opportunities to become more employable than people your own age who have other qualifications, and the chance to go further, quicker.


Apprenticeships are the answer


Yes, the apprenticeships option is fast becoming acknowledged as one of the most effective pathways to a successful career. It’s not like years ago. Employers are now placing more and more value on apprenticeships as they benefit their businesses, and they recommend them to other employers. So inevitably the number of programmes available just goes on rising – giving you so many more roles to choose from.


How they can improve your long-term prospects


As many as 85% of apprentices will stay in employment, once they’ve completed their specialist apprenticeship programme. Yes, 85%! Two-thirds of these successful apprentices will also be kept on by the same employer they started with.


And if that’s not enough to convince you, you might want to hear that one in three of 5,000 former apprentices, who were asked about their own journey, received a promotion within a year of completing their apprenticeship. Three-quarters (75%) said they were rewarded with more responsibility in their role too, within 12 months of finishing their training scheme.


You could even reach board level. A report by City & Guilds found that almost 20% of employers have former apprentices working in these positions, and in half of companies an apprentice takes not far off five years to reach management grade. 92% of apprentices in the report said they were satisfied with how their apprenticeship had panned out. No surprise there then


And what about the immediate term?


Well, for a start, apprenticeships pave the way for you to enter or progress in a specific career, which might traditionally have been hard to get into. Short term, there are other major benefits like a boost to your self-confidence. You’ll feel more confident in your own abilities because you’re gaining sector-relevant skills and knowledge, which will help you get up the ladder, apply for the higher better paid positions, and get promoted sooner in whatever industry you’re looking to work in.


What else?


You gain skills related to your current or desired area of work, skills that can be used across a range of jobs, and other important skills such as communication skills and collaboration. Not only that, you’ll get better digital, English and Maths skills. Almost all apprenticeships

have at least one positive impact on jobs or career prospects, not to mention the pay and promotion potential.


You’ll become better at your job as your learning will improve your job performance. You can balance time between learning and working, and you’ll avoid student debt.


The right role


You just need to work hard – how far you want to progress your career will be up to you!


Knowing your employer will support your career development and that apprenticeships are a priority for government as they help build sustainable growth and stronger communities, and help people succeed in their careers, is a definite bonus.


Apprenticeships give you the flexibility to work across any sector from Law, Engineering and Media, to Education, Health and Construction, in a whole variety of vacancies.


Feel like an apprenticeship is the right option for you? View all our available apprenticeship vacancies now.

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