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Foundation Learning student in hospital room

Three Sandwell College Foundation Learning students are due to complete their internship at Sandwell Hospital next month.

Ethan Motterham, Clarice Metcalfe and Raees Hussain have been gaining experience in the workplace to improve their employment opportunities when they finish college. They are being mentored to independence by job coach Steve Clarke.

Ethan is part of a 30-week pilot project and currently studying Functional Skills Maths & English while working towards a Gateway Progression award. He is working in an administration role in the hospital’s Learning & Development office.

Clarice is also studying Maths & English Functional Skills. She is working in the Recruitment Office at Trinity House. She says: “Being on a Supported Internship is a good way of getting work experience and it looks good on your CV.”



Raees, who is completing the same qualifications as his colleagues at college, is working in the hospital’s Finance Office. He says: “My advice is not to worry too much. I’m proud of learning how to use Excel and to format data.”



Lawrence Kelly is the Learning Works Centre Co-ordinator. He says: “The success of the pilot is due to the measures we put in place together with Sandwell College to ensure the students have the right support to enable them to flourish in a work environment. The students have personal challenges but are supported well by Steve Clarke.”

Ethan, Clarice and Raees are looking forward to completing their internship knowing they are more prepared and confident to enter their respective field of work.

Steve Clarke says: “While they needed me around more often when they first started, all three students have become more independent over the months.”

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