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Foundation Learning students on a football pitch

Foundation Learning Sport made an excellent impression when they volunteered with The Albion Foundation at a football festival.

A group of nine learners supported Albion staff from the disability section, making sure the secondary school SEN tournament at the Albion Academy Dome ran smoothly.

Their tasks included:

  • setting up equipment at the start of the event
  • acting as ball boys on individual pitches
  • liaising with match referees and the administration desk about fixtures and match results
  • interacting with school children during breaks and lunch time with football activities
  • handing out trophies and certificates to children at the end of the tournament
  • helping staff to clear up from the event.

Albion staff were full of praise for the efforts of our learners in terms of their attitude, conduct and enthusiasm throughout the day.

Albion lead, Connor Brogan, described their performance and support as “fantastic” with a special mention for learners Adnan Mohammed and Brendon Hatton.

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