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Group of students

Sandwell College is preparing to open its doors to a new intake of students this September, with enrolment taking place from Thursday 12 August.
Located in the heart of West Bromwich, we have state-of-the-art facilities to cater for more than 100 courses, offering school leavers a wealth of opportunities to reach their full potential, with a fulfilling and safe learning experience.

With seven floors of first-class resources, you can also benefit from a supportive team of tutors who are experts in their fields and provide hands-on teaching to guide you on your journey into work, education and university.

Our courses range from automotive to animal care and dog grooming to fashion, and our on-site facilities such as a simulated dental surgery and a real aircraft fuselage give students access to real-life working environments.

Principal of Sandwell College, Graham Pennington, said: “We are committed to providing students from any background and of any ability all the tools they need to continue their learning journey and move closer towards their chosen careers. I am excited not only to welcome back returning students, but to also see new faces at Sandwell College, and look forward to celebrating their individual achievements, as our students prepare for a future that is filled with success.”

Enrolment dates and times

12/08/2021 Thursday 12pm-6pm
13/08/2021 Friday 9am-4pm
14/08/2021 Saturday 11am-3pm
16/08/2021 Monday 10am-7pm
17/08/2021 Tuesday 10am-7pm
18/08/2021 Wednesday 10am-7pm
19/08/2021 Thursday 10am-7pm
20/08/2021 Friday 10am-4pm
21/08/2021 Saturday 11am-3pm
23/08/2021 Monday 10am-7pm
24/08/2021 Tuesday 10am-7pm
25/08/2021 Wednesday 10am-7pm
26/08/2021 Thursday 10am-7pm
27/08/2021 Friday 10am-4pm
28/08/2021 Saturday 11am-3pm
30/08/2021 Bank Holiday
31/08/2021 Tuesday 10am-7pm

01/09/2021 Wednesday 10am-7pm
02/09/2021 Thursday 10am-7pm
03/09/2021 Friday 10am-4pm
04/09/2021 Saturday 11am-3pm
06/09/2021 Monday 10am-7pm
07/09/2021 Tuesday 10am-7pm
08/09/2021 Wednesday 10am-7pm
09/09/2021 Thursday 10am-7pm
10/09/2021 Friday 10am-4pm
11/09/2021 Saturday 11am-3pm
13/09/2021 Monday 10am-7pm
14/09/2021 Tuesday 10am-7pm
15/09/2021 Wednesday 10am-7pm
16/09/2021 Thursday 10am-7pm
17/09/2021 Friday 10am-4pm
18/09/2021 Saturday 11am-3pm
20/09/2021 Monday 10am-7pm
21/09/2021 Tuesday 10am-7pm
22/09/2021 Wednesday 10am-7pm
23/09/2021 Thursday 10am-7pm
24/09/2021 Friday 10am-4pm
25/09/2021 Saturday 11am-3pm
27/09/2021 Monday 10am-5pm
28/09/2021 Tuesday 10am-5pm
29/09/2021 Wednesday 10am-5pm
30/09/2021 Thursday 10am-5pm

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