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Ginger & Blackberry Cheesecake
Talented Sandwell College students produced images good enough to eat in a prestigious food photography competition!
Every year the College runs a Food Photography project for the Level 4 & 5 Photography students, in collaboration with University College Birmingham (UCB). The UCB students are briefed to create a dish themed by a month of the year, with the recipe and its production intended to appeal to readers of Sainsbury’s magazine. The HE Photography students then take stunning snaps to do justice to the dishes.
This year’s winners are:
1. Lisa Daymond-King for the Ginger & Blackberry Cheesecake styled by Hannah Burden
2. Julia Zerihun for the Gin & Tonic Jelly styled by Zara Thompson
3. Warren Bailey for the Orange & Passion Fruit Cheesecake styled by Steve Wattruss
This is Julia’s second winning result this year, after winning the PhaseOne portrait photo prize.
Lecturer Ian Fletcher said: “There is a lot of real-world practice embedded in this project, plus for our students the challenge of working to a specified format with external clients. The visual language of the photographs has to match the style and format of the magazine, and the photography has to be made entirely on location with limited portable resources, in a limited space, and in a scheduled time slot. This is very demanding for all parties and provides excellent opportunities for skills development.”
The external judges – a professional photographer and food stylist – gave up their time freely and provided feedback to both college groups.
Enjoy! View all the images here
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