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Why are some people so passionate about their job and career? Is it because finally they are doing what they’ve always wanted to do, and so feel more fulfilled?


We find out more from our adult learners Fabiana and Hina, who share with us why now is the perfect time for them to fulfil their passion for health sciences, how they’ve overcome obstacles in their path, and the true nurturing impact they will be able to make in the sector.


“By getting my degree I will be able to help in a deeper way.” In her own words, Fabiana explains to us why she has chosen to study an Access to Higher Education qualification in Psychology at Sandwell College.


In fact, she has already received her first University offer.


Fabiana trained as a Mental Health First Aider so she could help friends and family to take care of their mental health. She explains how “the main goal is to identify signs and help people to get professional help, protecting them from any harm, so I help, for example, in informal conversation, superficially though”.


By then deciding to pursue her passion further for helping people and turn her knowledge to in-depth research, she set herself on the path to university and then ultimately postgraduate study, with the ambition of becoming a psychotherapist.


So how has she found the course so far, and the demands of being a student while juggling all the responsibilities of being an adult?


There must be new challenges to overcome?


“Well I really like the self-study process. It is challenging but at the same time I learn a lot compared to traditional methods, plus it gives me a lot of flexibility so I can handle all my activities very well.”


That’s great! And so you feel supported by the tutors?


“Yes, I feel supported by my tutor and other staff, they make me feel confident to go the extra mile. My best achievement during the course was when I submitted the UCAS application and received my first offer a few days later. I could not have done this without my tutor’s direction.”


“Actually, for me, every time I turn in an assignment is a huge accomplishment. I have to overcome difficulties every day as English is not my first language. The people at this college made me feel capable of achieving great results from the very first application that I filled out. I am learning a lot and I am really confident toward my future.”


“I highly recommend this course for everyone because the team is very supportive, the method is flexible allowing people to manage other activities, and the contents are amazing.”


Hina is studying an Access course in Health Science. Her plan is to go to University to study Physiotherapy and pursue her career in that field.


So Hina, what is it about the course you have really enjoyed?


“Overall, I have really liked my course because all the topics, study material and assignments are interesting and straight forward. I thought it was well planned and laid out, easy for me to follow.”


How has the workload been?


“The workload is just enough, so I could finish everything with enough time, learn about the topics and not feel overloaded and rushed.”


Is it all classroom based?


“Another positive thing I enjoyed about my course is the flexibility my course offers. I don’t have to go to class, and I can learn from the comfort of my home while managing my job and personal life at the same time.”


What have been your stand-out moments?


“The positive feedback from my assessor Amanda, and receiving distinctions in topics related to Chemistry and Physics have been the stand-out moments for me.”


And your best achievement?


“I think the best achievement during the course is that I can design my schedule, stay on top of and meet deadlines, and productively manage my time.”


Was it difficult to do that?


“The difficulty I overcame is that I learned to be more independent, multitask and develop the ability to tackle conflicting schedules and adapt to various challenges.”


So you would definitely recommend this course to others in your situation then?


“Yes, the course is well-structured, highly informative and easy to follow. The flexibility is great, and I have thoroughly enjoyed completing assignments. My assessor gives helpful feedback that is easy to follow and has been able to come up with a solution to all the problems I have had so far.”


“The support provided by my assessor is outstanding and she is always there for me when I need her. I am amazed at how much I have learned in such a short amount of time. I would definitely recommend the online access course to anyone who is wanting to go to university but doesn’t have the required A Levels.”

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