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Sandwell College campus

Sandwell College welcomes new students this September, and enrolment begins on Thursday 24 August.

Our state-of-the-art campus boasts seven floors filled with top-notch resources. you can also benefit from a supportive team of tutors who are experts in their fields and provide hands-on teaching to guide you on your journey into work, education and university

We are thrilled to offer all enrolled students a complimentary 365-day bus pass, ensuring convenient transportation throughout the year (including the weekends).

Our wide array of courses includes automotive, animal care, dog grooming, fashion, and more. Moreover, our campus features exceptional facilities, including simulation dental surgery, a gym, a photography studio and a genuine aircraft fuselage. These hands-on environments enable students to gain real-life experience and prepare them for their future careers. Join Sandwell College and embark on a journey towards success.

Principal of Sandwell College, Graham Pennington, said: “We are committed to providing students from any background and of any ability all the tools they need to continue their learning journey and move closer towards their chosen careers. I am excited not only to welcome back returning students, but to also see new faces at Sandwell College, and look forward to celebrating their individual achievements, as our students prepare for a future that is filled with success.”

To find out more about enrolment dates, times, and information please click here.

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