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What impact has studying a Chartered Management Institute qualification at Sandwell College had on our adult learners’ working lives?

What was it like for them to go back to college and what motivated their decision to study in the first place?

We found out more from Emily, Bev and Chris.


Emily (Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership)

Emily began her study programme early last year. She had applied for a promotion at the charitable organisation she works for a year before, but had been unsuccessful. By September the vacancy came up again and she secured an interview.

College staff worked with Emily on her interview responses, focusing on what made her the best person for the role. As a result of her CMI study, Emily had identified gaps in her managerial competencies since her last interview and had been able to directly address these in the knowledge and skills she had gained.

Happily, Emily was successful in her interview and promoted to the role she really wanted while continuing with her qualification.

Bev (Level 5 Certificate in Project Management)

Bev is responsible for managing projects for a diocese at national, regional and local level. She decided to enrol on the Project Management programme as she knew she had the opportunity to take a more active role on national projects to prevent membership from declining and boost church income.

As a result of successfully completing the programme, Bev has been promoted to implement more projects nationally and seen her responsibilities and scope of her role in the current diocesan structure increased.

And the final word from Management and Leadership student Chris:

“It is nearly 30 years ago that I was learning in a college environment. I however have no doubt if I had done this at least 25 years earlier it would have made me much better in my management and leadership roles and I now feel better prepared and able to use what I have learnt on a daily practical basis in my role.”

If they can do it, you can too!

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