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This course is ideal for school leavers who wish to further develop their skills in 2D/3D Art, and have ambitions to work in the Architecture, Illustration, Graphic Design or Tattoo industries.


Location: Central Campus

Start Date: 06/09/21


You will need a Level 1 qualification or GCSEs at grade 3/D. You should bring a portfolio of your work to your interview or submit it to the tutor by email at [email protected]



You will cover four units across the year.

Module A: Exploring and Developing Art and Design Skills
Part 1: Skills Development
You will develop your skills in 2D and 3D Art. You will learn about sketchbook presentation skills, develop on a variety of 2D techniques such as mark making and impasto painting while exploring a variety of art styles and artists. You will experiment with cardboard, clay and plaster of Paris to create interesting sculptures. This will lead to your first assessment brief which involves exploring a country of your choice to produce 2D/3D work for a newly opened restaurant chain.
Part 2: Art and Design Project
You will experiment with a wide variety of textiles techniques such as lino printing, batik and ink on fabric. You will examine the work of a number of textiles artists and learn about tapestries. Your brief involves creating your own tapestry designs inspired by a natural form of your choice and making your own tapestry.
Module B: Personal Development
You will investigate your own professional practice and interests in the creative industry. You will develop a portfolio of drawings related to this area of interest and explore a range of artists.
Module C: Responding to a Creative Brief
You will put together all the skills you have cumulated across the year into your own exciting Final Major Project (FMP). Within this, you will learn how to generate your own contexts, exploring and developing skills in an area of your choice. Such areas may include: fashion, architecture, interior design, tattooing and digital art. You will exhibit your final piece in the end of year exhibition which will be open to friends and the public to view.


We run visits to museums and galleries, locally and nationally. We also have strong links with the creative industries in the West Midlands and put on talks by practising artists and give you the chance to take part in art projects for big-name organisations such as Fat Face and London Midland.


Assessment is 100% coursework based. This includes a combination of practical 2D/3D work and written annotations presented in A3 sketchbooks throughout the year. At least one online theory session will take place each week, which will be conducted through Edmodo and Zoom. Training on this software will be provided at the start of the course.


Successful completion of this course can lead to a BTEC Level 3 National in Art and Design Practice in one of our specialist areas: Fashion, Art, Interactive Media or Fashion.
You will leave with a professional portfolio of 2D/3D work suitable for future careers in: architecture, tattooing, graphic design and illustration.


Find out what Art Class of 2021 has to say about their course

If you could go back in time to when you left school, what friendly advice would you give your younger self before you started college? We asked our current Art students to come up with some tips to help our brand-new Art students settle in!


Art students in Queens Square next to their mural


So what should our new students be looking forward to?

  • Independence you did not get in high school
  • Cool buildings
  • Meeting new people with similar interests
  • Supportive teachers
  • Meeting awesome and helpful tutors
  • New experiences and opportunities you should definitely take
  • Taking part in a range of workshops and activities
  • Learning new skills and techniques and letting your art style evolve
  • Painting, cutting and drawing
  • The more practical side of the course
  • The freedom to let your creative juices flow!


What will new students enjoy the most about the Art course?

  • The amount of new media and equipment
  • The workshops and experimentational lessons
  • Learning about different media and techniques
  • The practical work and making 3D pieces
  • Working in an art studio environment
  • Exploring your creativity in sculpting and drawing


Things you wish you’d known before you started college

  • Don’t worry about it too much
  • Keep on track with your work
  • There will be a lot of new opportunities
  • Manage your time better
  • Be on time and submit your work on time: arriving late is not good
  • The teachers are super nice
  • The food is not as bad as secondary school food
  • There are a fair few assignments with deadlines so be organised
  • Get your work done as soon as you get it
  • You have multiple deadlines
  • It will be stressful if you don’t do the work
  • Don’t slack and put in all your effort
  • Procrastination will be your biggest enemy
  • Have a routine for everything
  • Coursework takes a lot of time
  • You can get materials here
  • Your work is stored here
  • You can do your research here


What have you found most useful during your time at college?

  • Bus passes
  • Times of courses
  • Workshops
  • Learning about myself
  • My massive cardboard folder where I can carry pretty much anything!
  • Learning the history behind your chosen passion - it definitely helps inspire
  • The facilities at college
  • The resources you can use
  • The multiple techniques I have learnt to better my own art style


What tips do you have for our new students?

  • Use your time wisely
  • Try new media and always do your work
  • Work hard and stay motivated
  • Have fun creating - art doesn’t need to be perfect, even if you are a perfectionist!
  • Be creative and express your ideas
  • Do not be late
  • Eat the canteen food and make sure to use the tokens to pay for the food instead of using your own money
  • Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone
  • Be on time, sleep early
  • Look for new content to keep that creativity and imagination
  • Do tasks as soon as they are set so you do not have to worry about them later
  • Just come and enjoy your time
  • Do what improves your work
  • Do everything on time
  • Try to finish stuff on time in lessons
  • Have fun with the course and do the work as it comes in; don’t leave it until the last second


So, good luck to all our new students starting this September and we hope you benefit from these really useful tips!


Art Class of 2021

Success Rates on courses for 16-18 year-olds nearly 7% better than national average*

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