The following documents contain the Terms & Conditions for students studying Higher Education at Sandwell College. In registering to become a student at Sandwell College you are accepting these Terms & Conditions, and they will form part of your contract.

Important terms to note:

  • Every student of Sandwell College becomes liable for tuition fees upon registration. Reimbursement of these fees is at the discretion of the College Finance team.
  • Tuition fees are not normally refunded to or in respect of a student who withdraws or is excluded during the session.
  • Sandwell College reserves the right not to grant a qualification where academic fees are still owing to the college. Primarily this constitutes tuition fees, but the college reserves the right to deem other unpaid academic related fees as academic debt.

Access & Participation Statement 2018

Admissions Policy

Student Agreement

Tuition Fees

Student Disciplinary Policy

Academic Assessment Appeals Procedures

Student Charter

Complaints Policy & Procedure

Safeguarding Policy

Criminal Convictions Policy

Sandwell College Students’ Union

Public Information Policy & Procedures

Course Closure Policy

Fees Policy Statement


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