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Level 2 Autocare Technician Apprenticeship

Autocare Technician Apprenticeship


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Course summary

Are you looking for an opportunity to earn while you learn? Then an Automotive Apprenticeship is right for you!

On an Apprenticeship you can:

We offer a structured training programme for those in employment who want to learn and we work with employers to recruit Apprentices seeking an Apprenticeship placement.

Course requirements

The minimum entry requirements are as follows:

· English GCSE Grade 2/E, Level 1 Functional Skills, or equivalent

· Mathematics GCSE Grade 2/E, Level 1 Functional Skills, or equivalent

· Demonstrate a passion for motor vehicle industry

· Be at least 16 years of age


Typically it is expected that it will take 30 months for the apprentice to attain the required level of competence in the workplace although it may be sooner if an individual already has significant prior training and practical experience.

● The assessments are closed book i.e. the apprentice can’t refer to reference books or materials
● The assessments will typically be carried out online and marked electronically
● EPAOs must develop ‘test banks’ of sufficient size to prevent predictability and review them regularly to ensure they, and the questions
they contain, are fit for purpose
● Both Part A and Part B must be completed consecutively within a 2 hour period
● The knowledge requirements of the Autocare standard have been grouped into 3 categories, Health & Safety, Commercial & Legislative
and Technical.

● The assessment must consist of 50 randomly generated knowledge based questions
● These will be multiple choice questions with 4 options per question
● Apprentices must have a maximum of 60 minutes to complete the assessment

● The assessment must consist of 20 alternate format questions (with no more than 10 questions of any single format permitted):
● Drag & drop
● Multi-response
● Drop-down menu
● Apprentices must have a maximum of 45 minutes to complete the test

Progress your career or progress onto a higher level.

To discuss your options direct with the course tutor email

[email protected]

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