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At Sandwell College, we encourage and support all students to get involved in extra-curricular sports or activities to help you get the most out of your time at college.

We have many sports or activities which you can take part in simply to have fun and stay fit or if you are particularly talented in a certain sport you may be selected to represent the college.

For almost 10 years now Sandwell College has been present at the AoC National Championships, in a variety of sports, which has been hosted at a number of top-class facilities such as Bath University and more recently Nottingham University. For a lot of learners, the National Champs proves to be the pinnacle of their sporting career and will certainly provide memories to last a lifetime. Nearly 1800 students attend from across the UK, competing in 14 different sports over three days in April.

If you are currently at, or thinking of coming to Sandwell College, and play any of the sports below to a good standard, contact the College Sport Coordinator, Matt Hammett, at [email protected]

Men’s/Ladies Football – Men’s/Ladies Basketball – Men’s/Ladies Rugby – Men’s/Ladies Volleyball – Cricket – Table Tennis – Badminton – Athletics – Cross Country – Swimming – Netball

All teams and opportunities are open to you, whatever you’re studying, so visit the Students Union as soon as you start college, or contact Matt Hammett.



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