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Worried about securing your college place before September? Worried you have missed the deadline to apply?

Well, don’t worry anymore as you’ve still got time to apply for a place at Sandwell College.

Other colleges have already closed their applications but the best news is ours are still open!

Why do we do this?

College is a big step in your life. We recognise you’re under enough pressure as it is, and we want to give everyone the best chance possible to get into our incredible college.

That’s why we don’t impose time limits and we give you as much time and support as you need to submit your final application.

We’ll invite you in for a chat about your future career and education goals, and you can even choose your own time slot.

So if you haven’t quite got round to applying for a place – for whatever reason – but you’re ready now, get in touch and hit that Apply button!

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