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T Level Management and Administration Level 3

T Level

2 years

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Course summary

The aim of a T Level is to provide you with entry to skilled employment within a specific occupation or sector and to support further higher-level training and progression to university. Learners will develop occupationally focused skills and knowledge that are valued by employers as essential for employment. The industry placement will help learners to apply and refine their technical and practical skills, knowledge, and behaviours, to ensure they are ready for the world of work.

Course requirements

Joining this study programme is subject to:

· A satisfactory interview

· A Grade 5 GCSE in English and Maths

· 4 other GCSEs at Grade 4 or above

The technical qualification is made up of two components, both of which you need to successfully achieve.

The Core Component:

The core content is designed to offer sufficient breadth of knowledge and skills for the learner to apply in a variety of contexts related to the industry and those occupational specialisms linked to this T-Level. The core content is the building blocks of knowledge and skills that will give a learner a broad understanding of the industry and job roles. At the same time, it will develop the core skills they will need to apply when working within the industry.

The knowledge tests and employer-set projects are externally assessed.

Occupational Specialisms:

Occupational specialisms develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary to achieve threshold competence in an occupation. Threshold competence is defined as when a learner’s attainment against the knowledge, skills and behaviours is of a standard for them to enter the occupation and industry. They must also demonstrate the ability to achieve occupational competence over time with the correct support and training.

Occupational specialisms are externally-assessed.

Industry placement with an employer

As part of the T Level Qualification, learners will have a unique opportunity to develop new talent and learn new skills. The placement will last a minimum of 45 working days.

Learners will develop their knowledge and understanding of, and skills in:

· Supporting the overall running and operation of an organisation

· Using prioritisation skills to support time management and delivery of workloads

· Considering improvements and recommend ways to develop and improve business practices

· Developing effective communication with a range of stakeholders to support business practices

· Managing the flow of information through the organisation

Externally set and marked examinations and projects and a successful 45-day work placement with a relevant employer.

T Level qualifications are equivalent to 3 A Levels and ensure you’ll have the skills and knowledge businesses want and prepare you for:

• Work

• Apprenticeships

• Higher Education


To discuss your options direct with the course tutor email

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