All students receive an individual interview which parents are encouraged to attend. This will enable us to discuss with you your choice of subjects and the combination which will suit your interests and match your career goals.

You should choose subjects that you enjoy or which are aimed towards a particular career. In order to help students choose subjects we have set out various ‘pathways’ which set out subject combinations which are useful for particular careers:

Medicine, Veterinary or Dentistry pathway: Chemistry, Maths, Biology or Psychology.
Engineering Pathway: Maths, Physics, Chemistry
Law and Criminology pathway: Law, History, Politics or Sociology.
Business and Accountancy pathway: Business, Economics, Law or Accounting.
Journalism pathway: English Language, Film Studies, Media Studies or English Literature.
Teaching and social work pathway: History, Sociology, Psychology or Health and Social Care.
Expressive arts pathway: Art, Drama and Theatre Studies, Film Studies or English Literature.
Environmental pathway: Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Studies and Geography.
Languages pathway: English Language, French, English Literature.

Alternatively, you could study for a BTEC Diploma alongside an A Level:

Applied Science Diploma Pathway: Take a Level 3 Diploma in Applied Science (including Health) and choose an A Level to study alongside it from: Maths, Psychology, Sociology, Health & Social Care, Law.
Business Diploma Pathway: Take a Level 3 Diploma in Business and choose an A Level to study alongside it from: Law, Sociology, Psychology, Politics.

At Central Sixth, you will have the opportunity to study subjects (such as Law, Psychology, Film Studies and Politics) which you may have not been able to do before. The important thing is to talk to the subject lecturers to discuss whether these new subjects are right for you.

We want to make sure that you are doing the subjects you enjoy and which will enable to you to get into the university of your choice and get that dream job. Therefore, students are free, in the first few weeks of the course, to change subjects if they want to.

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