• Study in a way that suits you
  • Get equipped for the world of work
  • Focus on the career you know you want

Studying three or four A Levels is not the only option in our sixth form. Sandwell College offers you the choice of studying an A Level alongside a more practical and career-focused Level 3 Diploma (a qualification equivalent to two A Levels). The Level 3 Diploma is a practical, careers-focused qualification which is widely recognised by universities for admission and by employers for the knowledge, skills and understanding it delivers.

This exciting, new approach is ideal for students who have a clear idea about their future career and want to balance academic learning with a practical understanding of their chosen career.

The Young Professional Academy is focused on equipping you for the world of work. Students on the programme would be offered a one-to-one placement interview with a Work Experience Co-ordinator, with the opportunity to access career-relevant internships at leading employers. Interview preparation would be given to students competing for the most sought-after internships. The College will also provide one-to-one assistance with any university applications you write.

As a Young Professionals Academy student, you will be in a sixth form tutor group and based primarily at our Central Sixth Campus with everyone else who is studying A Levels.

Career focused programmes

Because it is career-focused, we believe that the Young Professionals Programme will make a real difference to future student employability. Undoubtedly, it is also an alternative route to university degree courses which are focused on preparing students for business, professional and industrial careers.

It’s important that the A Level you study supports or complements the Diploma that you choose, so we offer seven structured Diploma ‘pathways’ that make sure the two elements match each other but still give you a broad choice of subjects. Pick one of the Diploma ‘pathways’ and then select one subject from the accompanying list of A Levels.

Choose from:

  • Diploma in Applied Science
  • Diploma in Applied Science (Forensic and Medical)
  • Diploma in Business
  • Diploma in Business with Law
  • Diploma in Health and Social Care
  • Diploma in Engineering.

To apply, simply fill in the online application form, choose the A Levels option when asked, and choose the diploma that you are interested in. You can choose an A Level to go with it when you are interviewed.

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