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Safe, cared for, and challenged to succeed – with your full involvement

Information for parents and guardians of young learners (under 19 years of age).

The most important aspect of any young person’s education is that they gain the qualifications, knowledge and skills that they need to succeed in our highly competitive modern world. Whatever your child comes here to study, our experienced lecturers will do their level best to ensure that they fulfil their potential.

But there’s more to it than that. We also want you to be sure that your child is safe and cared for during their time here, and we want you to be involved in their education. Here’s what you can expect:

Your involvement
You’re welcome to attend open days and interviews with your son or daughter. We’ll encourage you to come to parents’ evenings and hear about your child’s progress. We will provide you with regular information abut their progress and achievements.

Careers advice and Further Courses
We have a specialist team of Career Advisers who can support learners in thinking about careers, securing university places and looking for work or work experience. Your son or daughter will be invited to careers fayres and university open days, and will be offered 1:1 interviews and group tutorials to help them to prepare for their future.

Careers Guidance Policy
Careers Programme
Careers Calendar with Key Dates

If you would like to book a careers appointment for your son or daughter, or if you would like advice from one of our specialists, please contact the Careers Team on 0121 667 5035.

Trips and Activities
A range of trips and activities will be offered to learners throughout the academic year. We require parental permission in order for learners below the age of 18 to attend. We also require permission from your son’s/daughter’s tutor. Tutors require learners’ work to be up to date and attendance/behaviour at college to be good before these requests are granted.

What to do if things go wrong
If you are not satisfied with something, it is important that you let us know as soon as possible so that we can attempt to put it right. We want to learn from our experiences and improve our service to you. If you have concerns or you want to complain, most problems can be sorted out by talking to tutors and Heads of Department. If this still does not resolve the situation you can fill in a complaint form which is available at Reception.

You can contact the College by calling 0121 556 6000. We’re happy to talk things through with you.

What to do if your son or daughter is ill
The College expects full attendance by learners. If your son or daughter is too ill to attend, please contact the College as soon as possible and leave a message for their tutor.

What to do if you have concerns about your son or daughter’s welfare
The safety and wellbeing of our learners and staff is very important to us:

All of our staff have received safeguarding training and we have Welfare Officers in College who can support learners with financial or emotional needs. For emotional or financial support you can contact a college Welfare Officer on 0121 667 5073.

We have a zero tolerance policy towards bullying and treat all allegations seriously. If you have concerns please contact the Course Tutor or call us on 0121 556 6000 and say that you have a ‘safeguarding’ issue.

We have teams of specialist teachers and learning support assistants who can support students struggling with their learning. If you have concerns please contact the Course Tutor. For learning support, you can also contact Study Link on 0121 667 5064.

Student Code of Conduct
We want all of our learners, staff and visitors to feel safe in College. We expect learners to treat the College and those within it with respect. Central Campus is equipped with a full CCTV system, an electronic access barrier that only admits registered staff and students and pre-booked visitors, as well as a trained team of security guards who are always nearby if needed. The Disciplinary Policy can be viewed here. A copy is also available in your son’s or daughter’s College Diary. If students are misbehaving in or around the College they may ultimately face exclusion from the College.

Faith and Contemplation
Our Multi-faith and Quiet Contemplation rooms are quiet spaces for people to sit and contemplate, to pray, to take a few moments to de-stress or just have a think about things.

Sandwell College Chaplaincy is available for the pastoral care of all members of the college community, regardless of their faith or beliefs. It aims to provide care and support where spiritual needs arise. Our Christian, Islamic and Sikh chaplains provide someone to talk to when you need a confidential ear, someone who can support you in emotional or spiritual issues, and – of course – someone to explore your faith with.

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