The aim of this course is for students to develop a knowledge and understanding of document creation using Microsoft Word 2010 software. The course covers entering and formatting data, importing text, using Mail Merge facilities, and the more advanced features such as Macros and Forms. Students will improve their skills in using word-processing within their employment or learn from scratch how to manipulate them.


Location: Central Campus

Start Date:


The course costs £100 for each of the three units, or £250 for students who enrol on all three units before commencing the first.


The whole course will run on a Thursday Evening, from 6pm – 8pm, over 15 weeks

Introduction to Word, 5 weeks
The course covers:
• Word layout
o Ribbon
o Ribbon groupings
o Sub task groupings
o Tabs
o Scroll bars
o Task bar.
• Navigation
o Keyboard and mouse
o Shortcuts.
• Data Input
o Formatting data
o Keying in data
o Error checking
o Spell checking.
• Operations
o Page setup
o Saving
o Printing/print preview
o Error checking
o File Management.

Intermediate Word, 5 weeks
The course covers:
• Headers and footers
o Uses of header and footer fields.
• Saving
o File formats
o Security
o Archiving.
• Mail Merge
o Creating tables
o Field use
o Queries
o Templates
o Printing merged documents.
• Importing data
o Charts
o Spreadsheets
o Text files
o Images.
• Formatting
o Tables
o Text
o Pages/orientation etc
o Bulleting
o Follow house styles.
• Editing
o Moving paragraphs
o Deleting
o Find and replace/ special options
o Subscripts/symbols
o Spell and error checking.

Advanced Word, 5 weeks
The course covers:
• Text
o Formatting/lines words paragraph shading
o Track Changes
o Styles management/creation/updating/editing
o Orientation
o Importing/formatting restrictions
o Converting text/columns/tables
o Numerical data conversions.
• Document
o Table of contents
o Index tables
o Sub-documents
o Page/continuous/section breaks
o Watermarks.
• Images/shapes
o Text wrapping
o Alignment
o Automatic Numbering
o Captions
o Alignment/groupings.
• Tables
o Cell editing/margins/merging/shadings
o Formulae
o Field management.
• Fields
o Creation/locking/unlocking.
• Macros
o Page setups
o Signatures
o Text insertions
o Templates.
• Mail merging
o Filtering
o Rules.
• Forms
o Text box/check box/drop-down lists
o Formatting restrictions.

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