The aim of this course is for students to develop a knowledge and understanding of Spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel 2010 spreadsheet software. The course covers designing, creating, modifying, and querying database tables. It also includes designing and using forms and reports to enter and display information in a professional format. Students will improve their skills in using databases within their employment or learn from scratch how to manipulate them.


Location: Central Campus

Start Date:


The course costs £100 for each of the three units, or £250 for students who enrol on all three units before commencing the first.


The whole course will run on a Thursday Evening, from 6pm – 8pm, over 15 weeks

Introduction to Spreadsheets, 5 weeks
Students will be able to:
• Understand the principles of Spreadsheet development
• Understand the basic layout and tools
o Cell referencing
o Formula bars
o Name box etc…
• Use and develop basic spreadsheet formulae and functions such as:
o Sum
o Max
o Average etc…
• Do basic spreadsheet operations
o Saving
o Opening
o Printing
• Navigate and input Data effectively
• Format a spreadsheet using
o Cell borders
o Cell alignment
o Cell Merging
o Text Emphasis etc…
• Check accuracy of a database.

Intermediate Spreadsheets (part 1), 5 weeks
Students will be able to:
• Implement further Spreadsheet operations
o Inserting and deleting rows
o Hiding rows, columns and sheets etc...
• Further Functions
o Sumif
o Countif
o Text Functions etc…
• Sorting
o 2 defined levels
o Ascending and Descending etc…
• Data Filtering
• Graphs
o Pie
o Bar etc…
• Further Spreadsheet formatting
o Conditional
o Amending data search etc…

Intermediate Spreadsheets (part 2), 5 weeks
Students will be able to do:
• Spreadsheet Operations
o Importing and Exporting Data
o Linking Sheets/Cells and Workbooks
o Naming Cells and Ranges etc…
• Comparison Operators
• Complex Functions
o If and Nested If
o Lookups
o Rounding etc…
• Pivot Tables /Charts
o Layout Constructions
o Varied calculations Sum, Averages etc..
• Subtotals /Groupings
o Varied calculations from varied data
• Editing and Filtering
o Paste Special
o Data Filters
• Macros
o Signature
o Formatting
o Dates.

Success Rates on courses for 16-18 year-olds nearly 7% better than national average*

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