Apprenticeships at Sandwell College

Want to get hired fast?

We’re not like other Apprenticeship providers. If you’ve got the power and the passion we can give you the skills to develop a unique career, with the chance to gain professional qualifications at the same time, so you’ll hit the ground running.

It’s hard to get that first role in the workplace when you’re stuck in the no experience, no job/no job, no experience cycle. You need someone to take a chance on you so you can get into your dream career. We can give you that chance.

Trades student using machinery

Start your career search

Sandwell College prides itself on nurturing young talent. We offer opportunities for proactive people across a wide variety of fast-paced areas. With so many vacancies to choose from you’re bound to find the right match for you!

The idea of Apprenticeships is for you to get vital experience to put on your CV while you complete your qualification. Successful candidates work alongside skilled workers, supported by a well-qualified team and led by experienced managers.

Male dental student operating on a patient

What are the advantages of an Apprenticeship?


You’ll be gaining qualifications worth up to £12,000 depending on your apprenticeship.


You’re getting paid to learn! An apprenticeship is a qualification with paid employment so no debts for you in the long run.


90% of apprentices kept on by their employer after completing their apprenticeship.


Money talks! You’ll get holiday and sick pay.


Generous perks! Exclusive discounts at Amazon, Dominos, Alton Towers, New Look and much more available with the NUS Apprentice extra card.


It’s true to say employers really like our practical focus on learning as we provide their businesses with passionate professionals like you.

What are you looking for?

Dreaming of a healthcare or business career? Or maybe construction or engineering is where you see yourself succeeding? Apply for an apprenticeship in your chosen field and get a chance to show your promise in that sector. If you already have a job then let us know, and we can always talk to your current employer to see whether that job could become a full-time apprenticeship opportunity.

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