Sandwell College recognises that is has an explicit duty to safeguard and protect young children from abuse as defined in the Children Act 2004, Section 175 of the Education Act 2002 and Working Together to Safeguard Children 2010.

The overall intention and purpose behind the College’s safeguarding policy is underpinned by the fundamental principle of the Children Act 1989.

‘the welfare of the child is the paramount concern’

The governing body is committed to ensuring that the College:

  • Provides a safe environment for young people and vulnerable adults
  • Identifies young people and vulnerable adults who are suffering, or likely to suffer, significant harm, and
  • Takes appropriate action to see that young people and vulnerable adults are kept safe, both at home and at the College
  • Promotes an environment in which every student feels valued and able to communicate their wishes and feelings successfully

The College has a team of Safeguarding Offices who are trained to listen and act upon concerns.

All College staff receive basic safeguarding training. This training is also offered to employers who take on work-based learners from the College.

The College has clear policies and procedures on safeguarding, which you can download here.

For more information, or to report any concerns, contact the safeguarding team at or call 0121 556 6000 and ask for a Safeguarding Officer.