Business Studies


Level 3

Who is this course for?

Whether you wish to work in a large organisation or you have ambitions of starting your own business, Business Studies gives you an understanding of how business works. In Business Studies A Level, we investigate how organisations provide the goods and services that customers will use. This will involve studying firms and the environment in which they operate. We will look at how firms are affected by Government policy, overseas trade, other firms and the customers they compete for. What makes some firms successful and others failures?

Formal Entry Requirements

All students studying A Levels must have five GCSEs A*-C in academic subjects including GCSE English Language at C or above. In order to study Business you would also need GCSE Maths at C or above. In order to progress from AS to A2 you will need a D grade at AS Level.

What does the course involve?

While drawing on real world examples, we will cover areas including:

Year one, UNIT 1: Starting a Business - Exam 1 hour 15 mins
What does it take to start a business, what sort of problems might you face?

Year one, UNIT 2: Managing a Business - Exam 1 hour 30 mins
Introduction to employing people, managing cash, doing budgets and marketing the business.

Year two, UNIT 3: Successful Business Strategies - Exam 1 hour 45 mins
How marketing, finance ,operations and human resources can be used to improve a business.

Year two, UNIT 4: Managing Change - Exam 1 hour 45 mins
The importance of responding to competition, trends and the economy and the need to understand
leadership and culture.

Studying Business Studies will help you understand more about the world in which we work and give you a greater insight into the everyday events that we see on the news and read about in the press. It will help you develop a critical understanding of organisations and their ability to meet society’s needs and wants. You will also develop an awareness of the ethical dilemmas and responsibilities faced by organisations and individuals. Studying business will involve examining the operation of real life businesses, case studies, discussion of issues and internet based activities.

How will I be assessed?

AS and A Level Business Studies will be assessed through a series of examinations in the first and second year of the course. There is also a business case study, which requires you to apply business skills to a real life example. There is a pre-released theme for UNIT 4, such as business culture or the EU or China. The exam question will have general questions, eg 'Why is business leadership important?', but the student will be expected to make reference to the theme, having researched it during the year.

Where can I go next?

Business Studies is a good preparation for careers in Accountancy, Management, Journalism, Marketing, Politics, Teaching/Lecturing, Retailing, Local Government, and any other career that requires a non specific degree.