Financial support

The Learner Support Fund helps those students who would otherwise be unable to participate in Further Education. Priority groups are learners who are economically or socially disadvantaged, disabled, ill or have learning difficulties. The fund can offer financial help with:

• Travel expenses
• Materials, uniforms, equipment and books
• Childcare
• Exam fees
• Equipment
• Educational visits.

Young people may be entitled to a £1200 bursary (dependent on circumstances and performance) if they are:
• in care
• leaving care
• in receipt of income support
• in receipt of both Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance.

We can also help young people who were in receipt of free school meals at school and young people where household income falls below £30,810 (most other Colleges fix this at around £20,000).

For young learners where the household income falls below £30,810, we can provide financial support for College trips and activities, equipment, uniform and books. They will not be entitled to a bursary.

For adult learners who meet the criteria we can support childcare, equipment, trips, books, uniform and travel. There is also a small amount of funding available to pay for exam and course fees. Again, support is subject to availability.

If you are aged 19 - 24 and looking for your first full Level 2 or your first Level 3, or you are in receipt of a state benefit and are actively seeking work, you will not usually have to pay for tuition fees. Some courses are 'full-cost' and these full-cost courses must be paid for by all students; fees vary. To find out more, telephone 0800 622006.

For all enquiries about the Learner Support Fund contact Ann Hay or Naomi Lear via freephone 0800 622006 or 
For all enquiries about adult course fees, freephone 0800 622006.